Company: Fiix Corporation. (“Fiix”)

Email: Help@fiix.co

Updated on October 5, 2021



Your privacy is very important to us. Fiix has adopted a strict privacy policy as one of our core values and we work hard to ensure that your private information won’t be accessed by others.


You use your mobile number to register and log in to the application, we commit to never sell or otherwise disclose your number to any third party and your mobile number will not be used by any other party. However, by registering to Fiix you give us permission to send you periodical SMS messages, to announce new features and other matters related to the Fiix application.


Users that registered to Fiix prior to October 5, 2021 used Facebook login. Therefore, on their first login to Fiix, after October 4, 2021, they will login in using their mobile and will be offered to reunite with their profile using Facebook login but that will be the last time Facebook will be used. Having said that, we do not(!) post on your wall or contact anyone via your Facebook account. Further, we no longer extract information from your Facebook profile.


Your profile information and in-app chatting content and history will be strictly confidential and will not be disclosed to any third party, unless Fiix is compelled to disclose such information by a court of law.



To maintain this privacy policy, Fiix will not tolerate disclosure of personal information in any part of your profile. Users that disclose personal information (including, but not limited to last name, phone number, email address, website, Instagram username, or other info) will be terminated and forever banned from using the app. Further, any User that discloses such information in initial messages to another User (before the other User replies) will be banned as well.


Fiix provides some free-text fields in the app and we encourage you to use them to write more about yourself, and about the person that you are seeking, or in any other way to augment your profile. However, Fiix has the right to remove any language that it, in its sole discretion, considers inappropriate, damaging or interfering with its business, and to suspend your membership indefinitely if it so chooses.


The Company is determined to maintain a pleasant and polite standard of chatting amongst its users. To that extent, the company has developed and will continue to develop technological means that monitor the chats carried amongst its users and flag, for human inspection, chats where one of the users may have used improper language. Users that will have been found to use improper language will be banned from the Fiix app, at the Company’s sole discretion. Notwithstanding, our technology is not fool proof and therefore misses some offensive chats. We encourage you to contribute to the Fiix community by blocking and reporting such users, using the “Block” feature at the top of each profile.


Should you wish to stop your Fiix membership, please click on ‘Deactivate’ in the Settings section. Doing so will encrypt and place your profile, photos and communications in deep storage, so no one, including most of our personnel, will have access to them. If you enter the app again, your profile and all other data will be recovered and viewable again. For legal reasons, there is no option to completely delete your profile from our system.


Terms of Service:

1. The service, provided by Fiix via the Fiix App, is for the purpose of introducing and creating connections between consenting adults. All other uses are expressly prohibited.

2. The Terms of Service hereinafter are, in fact, the agreement between you, (the “User”) and Fiix Corporation (“Fiix”). By using the Fiix application (the “App”) you, in fact, enter into this agreement with Fiix and agree to all the Terms of Service, including our Privacy Policy, herein. The Company retains the right to modify the Terms of Service from time to time, without notice to you, and therefore recommends that you review this section periodically. ‪

3. Should you disagree with any of the Terms of Service, please

a. Deactivate your membership (in the Settings section of the App) and Delete the App from your smartphone.

4. Age: The App is not to be used by any person younger than 18 years old.

5. Cost: It is the goal of Fiix to make the use of its App very affordable. Some sections and/or functions of the App require a paid subscription or other payment, but we will do our utmost to offer affordable pricing. Payments can be made via your Apple App Store account or Google Play and via other means if provided in the App. In the event none of the purchase methods work for you, please send us a message through Contact Us in the Settings section of the app and we will do our best to assist you.

6. In any event, Fiix does not guarantee results, even if you’ve paid. For instance, if you pay to read a message from one of the other Users, we do not guarantee that it will be positive, nor any other outcome. The payment is charged only for use of the specific function.

7. Intellectual Rights: You declare that any and all information, including photos, that appear in your profile, is fully owned by you and that you give Fiix the right to use this information for the specific purpose of presenting your profile.

8. By using the App, you agree:

a. Not to include any identifying information in the text fields or anywhere else in your profile. Such information includes but is not limited to your last name; telephone numbers; email address; web addresses; Instagram or any other service username; business information; advertising of any kind; chain or spam messages; and any other information other than for the purpose of meeting other consenting adults.

b. Not to use any foul language in your profile and/or communications with other Users of the App, whether such communication is via text messages, voice communication or other means, and to not use the app to transmit indecent photos.

c. Not to disparage or badmouth any other user in your communications or elsewhere within the App.

d. Not to include in your profile or communications sexual, racial or illegal messages, language or photos.

e. Not to use the Fiix app for dissemination of commercial or political messages and/or promotions.

f. To provide at least one good genuine facial photo. This is very important to maintain the quality and usability of the App and its service.

g. To never upload any photos that are: sexual; racial; embarrassing to other persons, nudity, of commercial or political nature or any photos that are not directly depicting you; and to not upload any photos that include text. The inclusion of forbidden photos may be used by Fiix as grounds for immediate termination of your membership, without any refund of fees you’ve paid to Fiix.

9. We keep in contact and communicate with our Users, to update them of new persons that joined, to update them of new features and to solicit feedback. Such communications may be carried through in-app messaging, via SMS, or email. By using the App you authorize Fiix to carry out such communication.

10. To the extent it is not forbidden by specific laws, Fiix has the right to refuse service to any person, without having to provide an explanation, and it may suspend such person’s membership with or without notice, at its sole discretion.

11. The company may monitor any input made by its Users, including, without limitation, messages exchanged amongst its Users, for any purpose, and without any obligation to provide explanation to its Users.

12.  Fiix recommends that you limit your communications with other members to the in-app chat and be extremely cautious about providing personal or other identifying information until you are ready to upgrade your communications to other means. In no event, should you provide any financial information to other users or transfer money to them by any means.

13. You hereby agree that you are solely responsible to your interactions with other Users. Fiix does not check Users’ criminal or other records, not is Fiix able to very that a profile is genuine. In any event, you hereby release Fiix from any claims for damages or injury in the event such damages or injury is caused by a person you met through Fiix.

14. User Support: Our User support team is committed to optimizing your user experience. They continuously monitor registration of new members and ensure that their profile complies with our standards. Notwithstanding, it is entirely possible that they miss a sub-standard profile and we urge you to contribute to the Fiix community by reporting substandard users using the “Block” or “Report” button at the top-right corner of the profile screen. If you feel that we blocked you without justification, please contact our User support by clicking on the ‘Contact Us’ button in the Settings section and ask to be reactivated. We will investigate why you were blocked and reactivate you if possible. You are invited to contact our User Support team using the “Contact Us” chat. Fiix does not provide telephone support.



Please note: Violation of these Terms of Service will cause termination of your Fiix membership, and you will not be entitled to a refund of unused portions of a purchased subscription or unused balance of tokens.


Terms and Conditions of Purchase

All users may download, install and register to the Fiix app without any purchase. All users may further initiate contact (via chat or ‘Like’) with an unlimited number of other Fiix users without any purchase.

A purchase is required when:



When a woman initiates contacts with you, via chat, like or photo-like, the contact message will be blurred. To un-blur the message and open an indefinite communications channel with the woman that initiated the contact you will be asked to pay one token.


When a man initiates contact with you there will be no need to pay in order to view the message and reply.



When a woman initiates contacts with you, via chat, like or photo-like, or responds to a chat message, like or photo-like that you sent to her, the message you’ll receive will be blurred. To un-blur the message and open an indefinite communications channel with the woman that initiated the contact you will be asked to purchase a subscription.


Purchases are easily made via the Apple App Store, if you're using an iPhone, or Google Play, if you're using an Android device.


In the event you encounter difficulties when trying to purchase, please send us a message by clicking on the ‘Contact Us’ button in the Settings section and we will assist you promptly.


All purchases are subject to the following terms and conditions.

1. All purchases are final. You agree that you will not receive a monetary refund for your unused subscription, if you decide to stop using the Fiix application or in the event that your membership is terminated by Fiix for violation of the Terms of Service.

2. Fiix guarantees to process all your messages in the Company's system and send them to the other users' devices. Fiix does not guarantee that the receiving users will in fact receive your messages (which may depend on their device settings and other issues beyond the Company's control) or that the receiving users will continue to communicate with you, nor does Fiix guarantee the nature of any such reply.

3.  There is no set price list. The prices of various packages may vary from time to time and from User to User based on considerations that are at the sole discretion of the company.


Automatic renewal of subscriptions:
All subscription purchases are made via the Apple Appstore or Google Play. These subscriptions will renew automatically at the end of the subscription period at the same price-per-month as in the initial subscription period. So, for example, if you purchase a 6-month subscription for $60.00, or $10.00 per month, at the end of the initial 6 month your subscription will be renewed automatically by the Appstore or Google Play for consecutive 1-month periods at the guaranteed price of $10.00 per month.

You may stop the automatic renewal of your subscription in the Appstore, if you’re an iPhone user, or in Google Play if you use an Android device. Please refer to the respective stores for the necessary instructions.


From time to time Fiix may offer you some ad hoc services for a 1-time payment. The offers will specify that fact.


Your satisfaction is important to us. We invite you to contact us in the event of questions, comments or complaints by clicking on the ‘Contact Us’ button in the Settings section. We will do our utmost to address your issue expediently and to your satisfaction.


‪Law & Jurisdiction: This Agreement shall be governed and construed under the laws of the State of California, USA. Any dispute or litigation arising hereunder shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of the courts located in the City of Los Angeles, California, USA.